Darts Engineering is a SME that focuses on Consulting, design and system integration in the ICT field and more precisely on ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems, BSS – Business Support Systems and New Media.

Since 1995 the Company candidates itself as a technological partner, providing custom solutions based on the newest and high-quality technologies; it also established partnerships with leading companies and industrial groups.

Darts cooperates with Universities and National and International Research Centers in order to achieve increasingly better solutions with the most promising technologies.

Together with the University of Genoa (Departments: DITEN – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Navale, Elettrica, Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni and DICCA – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica e Ambientale) Darts co-founded on 2014 the spin-off company Artys Srl.

The company implemented a ISO 9001 quality system to supervise any internal process, provide its services more efficiently and guarantee the respect of the agreed commitments.

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Darts means technological excellence, interest in innovation and professional growth. Darts designs and develops state of the art technology solutions, improving companies organization and providing added value to the customers.


Darts' team can count on resourceful people and up-to-date tech aficionados: it candidates itself as an ideal partner to win the challenges brought by the competitive global market.

"Close to customer open to innovation"


Darts provides engineering services, following thoroughly all of the design phases.

The extensive skills and excellent strategical alliances grant Darts a high-qualified working method, fulfilling and often exceeding customer’s expectations.

Over the years Darts started many partnerships with leading software companies in order to cooperate with industrial groups for relevant ICT projects.

Darts also invests on industrial research and experimental development to provide its customers innovative solutions based on latest technologies.

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Darts makes its gained skills available in many hi-tech projects, from industrial automation to newtworking, web applications, mobile apps and telecommunication field.

The company offers consultancy for all of the ICT design phases: analysis, design, implementation, test, release and maintenance.

Darts also provides to Public Administrations consulting services for technical tender drafts about intelligent urban traffic control systems.


Darts’ team is competent on largely used software as well as particular operating systems for complex realtime management.

Darts’ solutions can satisfy the clients’ demands for new ad hoc implementations or improvement, adaptation and integration of working systems.

Darts uses desktop, server, database, mobile and real time Operating Systems.

System Integration

Darts’ solutions can manage complex systems with their entire applications pack: from the acquisition of raw data to their output in a central intelligent subsystem through a real-time pre-processing. These solutions manage the telematic communication of the whole system as well as the monitoring and control phases.

Darts develops Help Desk and web applications for diagnostics and remote systems monitoring. Their main quality is flexibility and easy adaptability to the needed interface.

"Developing further"



In the ITS field Darts gained significant experience designing and developing toll and traffic control systems for both urban and out-of-town routes. Darts develops applications for electonic toll, access control, road pricing, enforcement through automatic license plate recognition and videomonitoring systems for the supervision of traffic via streaming. The company gained a wide expertise on sensors and devices integration in mobility systems. It develops advanced collection systems that manage non-channeled traffic over multiple lanes (multilane free flow).


Darts offers high-quality Technical and Business consultancy on revenue management IT systems for telecommunication providers. Darts provides many different back office systems, operating on OBRM platforms by Oracle Communications and RBM™ by NetCracker, and is independent of all software vendors. Darts provides a large variety of services: feasibility studies, hardware and software systems architecture design; OBRM platform installation and configuration; customization and management of Billing and Invoicing process; collection systems I/O flow management.

New Media

Darts develops new media applications for the latest mobile and desktop hardware platforms. These solutions manage rich and personalized multimedia contents and interact with the physical environment generating dynamic and engaging user experiences. These approaches had been successfully experimented in many different scenarios: from m-Tourism to Interactive Installations in Museums, from Marketing to Industrial Design, from Scientific Outreach to Educational Publishing. These solutions are based on last generation hardware and software, like RFID, NFC, QR-Codes and Augmented Reality based on Image or GPS tracking.

R & D

Darts permanently invests in the industrial research and experimental development area to achieve new solutions based on the latest technologies. Quality seeking and a huge know-how are generated by the technological transfer to and from Universities and International Research Centers.

The developed projects are oriented to the Smart City concept and the Internet of Things and aim at the connection among technology, culture, social dimension and sustainable development.

Darts accomplishes its innovative goals following the living lab approach, granting a mutual interaction with the demand, a strong link b2b among companies and an important technological transfer with research facilities. Relations with the Institutions are pivotal to conform projects to the quadruple helix paradigm: PA, industry, research and users are all important in every design phase.

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